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Bio Bidet BB-1000 Supreme

Our Price: £849.01

Provides dignity and independence to people who are unable to clean hemselves after toileting. By means of a retractable and oscillating nozzle, the Bio Bidet provides the user with a temperature and pressure controlled warm water wash and blows dry, converting a standard toilet into a sophisticated hower and wash toilet. The Bio Bidet offers three types of pressure wash: Feminine Wash soft aerated spray Posterior Wash soft yet powerful spray for thorough cleansing Turbo Wash whirly mass of soft water to stimulate bowel movement The discreet nozzle also provides a powerful and warm air drying operation. Retracts back in to the unit after use and has an automatic self cleaning mechanism built in. Other benefits include: Heated seat at room temperature approx 40C Seat sensor signals that the seat is occupied to commence cleaning operation Discreet and inclusive design with two power settings Easy control panels - fixed or remote control options Quick release mechanism to easily detach seat from toilet Built in filter protects against lime scale build up Hydraulic seat enables gentle opening and closing Can be used by all members of the family and eliminates need for toilet paper The Bio Bidet has a remote control unit and also features a deodoriser. It can be fitted to most standard toilet pans in place of the original toilet seat and has WRAS (Water Regulatory Advisory Scheme) approval for installation in the UK.

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