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Motion Detector Auto Dialler

Our Price: £38.99

A multipurpose product, ideal for someone who is living or spending time alone in the home but needs the support of someone close by. Plugs easily into a land line telephone (not included). Features a motion detector which when activated has several functions to enable a relative, friend or neighbour to ensure the safety of the person living alone. Motion triggers the unit to automatically telephone up to 3 programmable numbers and plays a 20 second, self-recorded message to the call receiver. The unit also has two settings, playing either voice recording to the user, or loud alarm to intruders when motion is detected. Functions: - Silent alert option, reducing distress to users - Alerts someone close by that the user is wandering or may be about to leave the house, and means they can take action - Plays a recordable message to the person in the house, e.g. asking them to stay indoors - Detects intruders and triggers loud deterrent alarm - Can be used to monitor absence of activity, e.g. if someone hasnít activated sensor in the morning, they may not have got out of bed - Use freestanding or wall fixed, in the most suitable place in the home (where telephone line fitted) Requires 3 x AA batteries included.

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