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Nuvo™ Adjustable Bath Step

Our Price: £51.59

The Nuvo adjustable Bath Step brings flexibility, security and style to the bathroom. Used to aid getting in and out of the bath, reducing the 'step-over' height for userswho have difficulty raising their legs. The versatile Nuvo™ Adjustable Bath Step consists of three stacking 51mm (2") step sections, with a 25mm (1") overlap and four support pillars. When stacked together, the step sections give a 103mm (4") step. Remove the top step section to create a 77mm (3") step, and another to create a 51mm (2") step (note: should have all four supports in position under the chosen step combination). It is also possible to connect the steps laterally (pack of four additional supports required - code M24345) by placing 4 supports in each of the base steps and linking them together. Fit the remaining step over one of these, locking the two base steps, to create a 51mm (2") and 77mm (3") step sequence. Step sections can be stacked up to 6 high (two Nuvo™ Adjustable Bath Steps would need to be purchased) to give a 178mm (7") maximum step height. • Non-slip feet make it safe to use on a variety of floor surfaces • Ideal for use around the home where help is needed, such as next to the bath, bed, sink or to help reach up to high kitchen cupboards • Top surface of each section has a comfortable, slip-resistant surface, even if the user has wet feet • Support pillars provide additional strength and support • Recess on the side of each section allows the step to be picked up easily from the floor • Attractive styling and bright white finish complements a wide range of colour schemes and styles • Manufactured in polypropylene • Can be cleaned by wiping with mild disinfectant or autoclaved at cycles up to 80°C.

Length: 500mm (19½"). Width: 395mm (15½"). Height Options: 51mm (2"), 77mm (3"), 103mm (4").

190kg (30st)

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